The Key to Manifestation: Manifesting from the Heart

The Key to Manifestation: Manifesting from the Heart

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You are of Infinite Potential. There is nothing you cannot do or be. In your truth and power, you can manifest any experience.

But really..?

If this were true, why is it then that our experience doesn’t always feel reflective of this? Why is it that we sometimes experience delays and resistance in setting out to manifest?
Any sense of struggle in trying to manifest a desired experience can be traced back to operating with internal resistance. Meaning, the only thing that can really get in our way, is ourselves.
If in your mind you are thinking of something that is wanted, but simultaneously there’s another part of you (often a subconscious aspect) that doesn’t fully want or believe in the possibility of that something, these opposing forces work against each other. In such circumstances, you may be thinking that there is something that you desire in your experience, something that you may be even trying to outwardly create, but being that you’re not all in it, you are ultimately getting in your own way of creating this experience.
Your power to create then, is activated by bringing yourself into alignment. In alignment, all aspects of your body and mind are aligned and integrated as one. Your mind isn’t fragmented with conflicting thoughts, and both your thinking and behaviour are all in-line with a sole clear intention. In this state, there is no inner resistance to your true soul-centered desires.

The Soul Knows

Egoic-driven intentions are intentions that aren’t reflective of what is truly desired at the soul-level. These are intentions that are often rooted in trying to address a sense of scarcity, fear, and/or anxiety. This can be, and usually is occurring on an unconscious level.  
When we are living under the illusion of fear and separation, the ego looks for ways to try and take control of the situation. This leads into the endless desire for more and attachment to outcomes that most are still enthralled by today.
Trying to manifest egoic desires is always uphill and losing battle – for two reasons. As previously mentioned, when we are operating with inner resistance, this resistance acts against what we are trying to create. When we are coming from ego, inner resistance is inevitably present, which will translate into a sense of struggle.
The other reason why manifesting from ego is a fruitless endeavour, is that the yearning that underlies these desires are really for something that can’t be found in anything outside of oneself. Even if one were to see “success” in their pursuits (in the superficial sense), as many have had to first discover for themselves, satisfying egoic desires never really brings true lasting fulfillment. Many are still deceived by the illusion that something outside of themselves can and will bring them joy.
Whereas the ego doesn’t yet realize that true lasting joy and fulfilment cannot be found in worldly things, the soul knows.

Your Soul-Centered Desires

At the core of your Being is the knowing of your soul-centered desires. Your soul-centered desires are the desires of your True and Higher Self
This is the expression of you that sees through the illusions of fear and separation, the expression of you that is rooted in a perspective of Oneness, abundance, and sovereignty. From this perspective, you aren’t consumed by feeling like there’s something that needs to happen or be changed about you reality, because in this state you know yourself as being full and complete. There is nothing outside of yourself that you need, for you bask in the knowing and feeling of true and infinite abundance.
From this state and perspective, the question shifts from “what do I want for me?” to “what do I want for US?”, “what do I have to GIVE?”, and “how can I SERVE?
Your soul-centered desires are always reflective of service to the All. This path is the one of the deepest sense of joy and fulfillment available to you – which too is endless.

Aligning with Your Soul-Centered Desires & Manifesting From the Heart

To support you in shifting into alignment with your soul-centered desires and manifesting from the heart, I’ve put together a guided activation for you. This Heart-Centered Manifestation Activation will guide you into your heart-space, and through the process of activating it. In doing so, you will bring greater energy to the manifestation of your soul-centered intentions.
Below, I’ve also shared a step-by-step process for manifesting from the heart that you can read through, and work to integrate.
  1. Begin with being mindful and accepting. Bringing your awareness to the present moment brings your power back to you, and diverts any energy that was being directed towards egoic intentions and limiting beliefs. Presence is the gateway to your potential. 
  2. When you feel that you have fully arrived to the present moment (you’ll know), feel into your heart-space and energy. Your heart-space is the center of your Being and is where your truth, love, and power emanate from.
  3. As you observe your heart-energy, watch and feel it expand outwardly. Your awareness of your energy naturally activates it. Once again, this is a practice of awareness/presence.
  4. The more you activate your heart-space, the more connected to Unconditional Love you will feel, and naturally the more clear and aligned you will become with your higher purpose and soul-centered desires. When you feel grounded in this energy, it’s time to send out positive and loving intentions. Intentions that are in alignment with the highest good of the All, are the most powerful.
  5. As you hold your positive intentions, feel your expanding heart-energy and energetic field expand into the space around you and carry with it your positive intentions. First feel your field fill up the room you’re in, then the building, then the world that surrounds it. Continue to expand beyond the planet and into the cosmos, feeling and knowing that your energy is boundless. You are connected to and one with it All, and you are invoking a shift in the Universe. 
  6. Finally, feel that this shift invoked by your heart-centered energy and intentions draw to you a higher experience. Your desired experience is manifested through vibration, and your activated heart energy is activating it’s experience. You allowing yourself this joy, brings in joy into the collective experience. Elevated-feeling emotions are indicative of you coming into energetic alignment with your soul-centered desires and with this,  a higher experience of reality. This is the manifestation of your most truly desired experience, an experience that serves us All.

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