The Next Leg of Your Journey?The Arcturian Council

The Next Leg of Your Journey?The Arcturian Council

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends💖 Transcript below

Outline (from the Arcturian Council)
• Many of you will soon either be seeing or choosing exactly what your space and environment really consists of, who your community is, and what you are willing to “tolerate”, on an entirely different level than what you ever thought possible. (And of course, some will already be feeling this).
• You thought you had already done this, conquered this, and were taking steps all along to allow things that do not align with you to fall away.
• But you did not realize just how far you had come along your path and what that would mean for you. The grief that may now result from this could feel more like a shock to you, perhaps different from the sorrow you have experienced before.
• Because you had no idea of your true potential before these moments. [Some of you may be feeling like you are cocooned at the moment]
• Furthermore you had no idea that you had the right… the right to completely say NO in this now different scenario (where the distortions would feel like a slap to the face, rather than the previously familiar sorrows or irritations).
• Indeed, this feeling may be something less expected. You knew to expect what came before, and you felt ready.
• Now, when you are ignoring guidance, intuition, or your heart… your Guides and Angels (whom many of you have asked for help) are actually steering you to situations where you can no longer ignore the discomfort… where the distortion reflects back to you in your physical body… where your heart now breaks because you can no longer shut it down (even temporarily) as a means of coping.

The Arcturians:
Yes, this is what has been happening recently for so many of you. You may have wondered (if only momentarily), “Why is this different? This is nothing, I should be able to tolerate this for a while…”

But you see, you have decided to build a particular thing. And so this thing is so big and brilliant, that it can no longer be contained within the distorted bubble of denser micro-realities you once routinely visited.

And so, now your usual adjustment will not suffice.

You will now begin to realize that you ARE worthy of living within your bigger brilliant creation AT ALL TIMES. This is an energetic adjustment you see… a recalibration of expectation.

And so your energy will not call forward misaligned things in an effort to conform into what you once believed was “necessary”.

Now you will begin to see and feel how much protection and guidance you have from your Guides, Higher Selves, and Angels you have called. And how Loved and Important you all are.

As you fully realize you are not required to endure these energies, they will seek you out less and less. Your field will become more fortified and resilient.
This is the natural way of things.

And so the next leg of your journey begins. And it will be like nothing you have experienced before.

We are the Arcturian Council. We love you!
End transmission.

0:00 Intro- Experiencing shifts in your environment, community, path on an entirely different level
2:27 You do not realize how far you have actually come along your path (this is what is creating this grand shift)
3:26 Your True Potential (you may have underestimated it before these moments, may be creating a shock to your system)
4:43 Realizing you have the right to say No (in this now different scenario) in a way you did not feel comfortable doing so before
5:49 No longer able to ignore guidance (can no longer shut down your heart as a means of coping)
6:44 You are about to break through a “glass ceiling” that you didn’t know was there
7:19 The Arcturians cont… (quoted until the end)

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We are moving beyond a “power over others” paradigm into a period of heart centered living

If you have found your way here, it is not a coincidence (there is no such thing). You have been guided to this information by your Guides, your Soul family, and your Higher Selves.

Welcome! You will not be judged here, only loved, because the truth is, LOVE is all there is.

~Yolanda Marie

If you believe you are one of the Souls that have come here to assist in Collective Ascension, we are looking for you..

The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakening Leaders

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