The Power is In Your Breath!

The Power is In Your Breath!

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To breathe is to know you are alive, to know that with each inhalation you are able to draw into your being that which you need, vitality is created through the receiving of oxygen, Prana and life force energy and with the same motion in breathing in you then get to breathe out, to surrender to that which no longer serves, letting go.

Breathing is something that happens is you are consciously aware of it or not, when your mind is elsewhere, wandering around in a jumbled sea of past regrets and worries of future concerns your breath is always giving you the gift of present with the moment upon which you are currently living your physical experience.

The foundational tools upon which we wish to share cannot even begin to be grounded into your field without the consciousness of your breath.

Each time you are wishing to resolve a piece of yourself, each time you are wishing to gain clarity, each time you are wishing to know something about the path upon you are walking, each time you are wishing to let go to surrender, to learn how to be in the moment, to receive , to live in peace it comes back to your breathing.

It is governed by Universal law that when one is looking to seek enlightenment within their experience they must first become masters of the breath –

To breathe it to know you are alive!

In this moment, you cannot ascend within your current experience without your body. So to breathe is the link between the energetic world and the physical representation – your sacred divine vessel.

It assists to switch focus from the outdated belief that the head/brain was in control and it softens into the all knowing heart of your aligned emotional guidance system. The breath supports the heart to beat, the heart supports the body to function, the breathe assists to bring vital energy to the cells of your body and supports to release any imprint within those cells that are not of a true blueprint to your divine codes.

So this is not to say you will need to sit in silent meditation for 8 hours a day but it is to be mindful of your breathing as much as you can to ground, focus and calm your mind.

Breathing is your birthright to be alive in your body, its the gift of the gods to breathe and be physical, the breath activates your senses, your multi-dimensional connection and awareness to the higher power of source creator – which is the equal part to the truth of who you are.

How divine dear one?

How loving you breathe to know that you are alive

You breathe to know that you must first receive what you need and to breathe letting go of what no longer serves. the energetic alignment of breath in, breath out always transforming into something more.

The trees upon your planet at this time are the reason you get to be HERE, for their generations of esoteric and connected evolution creates a sacred chamber upon which you get to walk in your soul’s experience upon the great planet of Gaia. As you breathe so too the connected experiences around you breathe, the trees breathe and create what you need to be alive, the birds, animals, bugs, flowers, plants are always receiving what they need to be HERE, present in this divine connected moment and breathing out to release, to surrender for they know as they breathe out they get to breathe in once more.

We wish for you to take these metaphors and use this as a daily reminder, to use the power of your breath to govern the core principles of your life itself.

For your soul wanted to evolve within a physical body, your soul wanted to experience the gift of life itself and the more you breathe through awareness the more connected you will feel. The  power of your breath but is the power of your intentions, your creativity, your gifts, your spiritual tools, your alignment to source and to the planet.

You breathe to know you are alive and that within itself is divine!

The miracle of your power to create through your breath.

If you have not begun yet we invite you to partake in a daily breathing exercise – find your own way with your breath.

We wish to also remind you to not underestimate the  power of breathing, for yes it is true on an anatomic level you breath in oxygen and you breathe out carbon dioxide. However, everything is energy and energy is in constant motion of creativity and evolving into different forms.

So we say to you – what energy to you wish to use as you breathe in?

The energy of fire? to activate and empower your creative potential?

The energy of Earth to ground and calm your nervous system to feel more balanced?

The energy of water to cool and calm the mind, to feel cleansed and purified?

The energy of wind to blow out the stagnated energies and bring in new. fresh potential like the feeling of freshly washed sheets dried on a springs day.

As you become a master of your reality your breathing will become your most gifted grounding and activating tool.

It will pave the way for many different types of breathing, you will learn to channel deep connected energy through your being and manifestation will become “child’s play.”

For breathing consciously instantly raises your vibration, it instantly uplifts and awakens your senses, grounds and connects you to your intuition, allows you to become balanced, calm and centred before moving forwards.

How wonderful you get to breathe in the frequency of love through intention and release the fears and trapped emotional blockages caught within the cells.

Breathing, your breath has the power to activate, clear and transmute all lower karmic density and as you deepen your practice of breath you will learn then and how to use your breath dependent on which outcome you wish to achieve.

It is out desire for you to not overlook this seemingly simple step – for it is the foundation and we cannot assist you further without the understanding of breath.

The breath gifts you the power you know you had within you all along for it connects you to source, to Gaia, to swirling mix and evolution of created physical consciousness.

You will begin to see, sense and feel energy much clearer through a daily breathing practise and it is our intention to demonstrate to you the fun and joys of breathing.

We wish to also remind you to let go of expectations beyond the breath – for the become a master of your reality, to embody to gift of self-love is to fully surrender to the present and what better way than to tune into your breathing. To how you are breathing, do you breathe slow? or panting how is your breath in conversations? how is your breath when you are sad? angry? or feeling alone?

For each emotional reaction the human has, there is a different breath to match and this is how you are bringing vital life force into your body.

If your breath is short and quick it does not give much time for the cells to receive what you are trying to give them, if your breathing is slow, or shallow it restricts the flow.

As we share with you today, spend some time over the next few days paying close attention to your breathing “style” notice the different breathing methods you already have and how it makes you feel.

Try some different techniques marking how you are after each one.

This information will support you to become masterful of not only your intentions, manifestations but also your creativity, your ability to receive and your connection to your spiritual senses and grounding.

Breathing allows you to be open to receive and breathing out is to surrender.  

When you hold your breath is restricts your flow – you cannot receive any more within letting some air out. eventually you do and it feels good that final new inhalation.

This is the same as life!

The simple equation is as follows

You breathe in = you allow yourself to receive, your breathe out you let yourself let go for you know you will breathe in to receive again.

In life you breathe in – you hold on too long, to don’t breathe out you get trapped. you eventually let go and it feels so good.

So dear ones

You wish to let go? breathe is out like your breathe and trust to you know you will get to breathe in more of that which will serve you greater in that moment than holding onto stagnant old energy.

It’s all in the breath!

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