The Real Reason We Stay Stuck

The Real Reason We Stay Stuck

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“Just show me the way”
I suspect that there are many who if we were handed a road-map to guaranteed fulfillment, likely wouldn’t have much of a problem following it. In my experience of working with people, I’ve grown to believe that “willpower” is less so the problem, as much as a lack of clarity is.
If we aren’t aware of and connected to what we want, things tend to remain as they are – we tend to remain as we are. On the surface, this may appear to be procrastination and/or a lack of ambition, but what’s really at the root of this is a lack of clarity of vision.
In connection with one’s true purpose, self, and desires; inspiration and action emerges naturally. In such a state, a sense of inspiration and passion takes over, and doing that thing you should be doing, actually becomes the easiest thing to do.
Because, when we are truly connected to what is of our highest excitement and inspiration, the thing that we want to do most and that which is of our highest path, is one of the same. There’s no greater place to be, than being exactly where you want to be, doing exactly what you want to be doing. This is a state and quality of experience that is available to us all.

In connection with one's true purpose, self, and desires; inspiration and action emerges naturally.

So how then do we bring ourselves to such a place? How do we connect to our passions and invoke a sense of inspiration?
Firstly, we again must find clarity around what we are feeling most deeply inspired to be/experience. This is a practice of self-awareness and entails a process of introspection. Usually, some inner work needs to be done as part of this process. It is all to common for fear and self-doubt to act as layers that buries beneath it one’s inner knowing. With these layers addressed, a sense of clarity/knowing comes naturally.
(The inner work involved with uncovering and releasing the fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs that obstructs one’s intuition/inner knowing, is the type of guidance I offer in my 1:1 Alignment-Activation sessions. If you’d like to book one of these sessions (first session is complimentary), you can do so here)
Once we have  begun to connect to our highest vision/true desires, we begin to connect vibrationally to this vision. One’s state of being and experience of reality are both a function of the energetic frequency that one is residing in. By raising our personal energetic frequency, both our inner and outer worlds begin to change.
It is through shifting our frequency into greater alignment with our True Selves and highest vision (which are of the same frequency) that we come into a state of knowing, inspiration, and flow.
In this state, inspiration begins to move us, passion begins to fuel us, and our creative energies take over.
Feeling stuck and remaining stagnant is a by-product of being unconsciously immersed in one’s current circumstances/patterns and failing to bring newness to the experience. If we wish to experience something new, we must bring forth a new type of energy/direction of focus. This only happens if we consciously reconnect to who we really are, what we truly want, and what is of our highest purpose and vision.
Unconsciousness causes for default living and stagnancy, Self-Awareness leads to transformation & conscious creation.

A Process for Finding Clarity, Discovering Your Purpose, & Aligning with Your Desires

Cultivating this type of self-awareness, activating this shift in being, and establishing clarity around one’s higher purpose and vision of reality is what The Activation Process has been created to help one do.
The Activation Process, is a 4-week program that activates in an individual alignment with a higher purpose, state, and experience
The process entails 4-phases:
  1. Awareness – remember the role/purpose you play in the 
  2. Shift – shift into your highest state, the flow state
  3. Integration – integrate your Higher Self and align with your highest vision of self/reality
  4. Discovery – unlock your gift and discover the way in which you are being called/inspired to serve your higher purpose.

The Activation Process

The Activation Process, is a 4-week program that activates in an individual alignment with a higher purpose, state, and experience.

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