Science-Based Spirituality: Shifting Brain-Wave States, Connecting to Intuition & Creating from the Quantum Field with Dr. Samuel Lee | Awaken Ep. 60

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Science is the modern language of spirituality, and you are the superhero that you’ve been looking for. And in this episode of the Awaken podcast. we are joined by “the Spiritual Psychiatrist”, Samuel Lee, who’s here to teach us this language, and help us discover this hero.

In This Episode Dr. Samuel & I Explore:

  • Samuel’s epic story of leaving behind his psychiatric practice, and where a living a life of flow and listening to his Soul has gotten him
  • dropping into alpha brain-waves, and shifting into an intuitive/receptive state
  • the effects that pharmaceuticals medicine can have on our energetic centres, and why it isn’t about trying to fit in
  • the science of ascension; creating from the quantum field and activating dormant DNA using scientifically backed practices
  • how Samuel tunes into the knowing of his soul using the breath
  • walking the path of love and channeling this alchemizing force of the Universe
  • It’s a Golden Age. Are you readyyyyyy!?

Our Guest: Dr. Samuel Lee

Dr. Samuel Lee M.D. is an integrative psychiatrist who completed his psychiatric residency at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and the University of Washington school of medicine.  He has worked as the lead psychiatrist at Auerbach Geriatric Psychiatrist Unit in Los Angeles, CA.  He also worked as a general adult psychiatrist in Los Angeles, CA prior to quitting his job to pursue taking people off of psychiatric medications as the medical director of Alternative to Meds Center in Sedona, AZ.  He is currently working privately, as well as facilitating breath work and serving real medicine in ceremony.  Prior to be becoming a psychiatrist he personally experienced most psychiatric symptoms personally.  This led him on a deep search into all things related to consciousness and healing dis ease at the root.  He is now sharing with the world what he discovered.  The truth is stranger than fiction and the Truth will set Us free and the answer lies in the language of our DNA.  His primary intention has now become the liberation of all sentient beings.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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