The Way of a Conscious Creator: Leveraging the Mirror Mechanism

The Way of a Conscious Creator: Leveraging the Mirror Mechanism

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A Conscious Creator is one who embodies the inner knowing that it is in one’s power to create their own reality, to then consciously create for themselves the experience that they most deeply desire. This power rests upon one’s awareness of the mechanisms at play, in the creation of one’s reality. The mirror mechanism is a helpful conceptualization that has personally and greatly served me in manifesting my own intentions.

The mirror mechanism is a model of understanding that suggests that the physical world is always mirroring to us a physical representation of our state of beliefs. Our beliefs around ourselves, what we believe ourselves to be, attracts to us the circumstances and experiences that align with these beliefs. Believe yourself to be a joyous person and your reality and interactions will show you what joy looks like. Feel grateful for everything that you’re receiving, and you’ll find more to be grateful for coming into your life. 

On the flipside, if you live with a victim mentality, you’ll seemingly experience more reasons to feel like the world is working against you. It all starts with our belief and state of expectation.

Feel Worthy, Act Capably 

Believing yourself to be worthy and deserving is fundamental to the manifestation of a greater experience. Your feelings of worthiness projects into receiving that which you feel worthy of. Self-efficacy is also wildly important here. The definition of self-efficacy as per the American Psychology Association: self-efficacy refers to an individual’s belief in his or her capacity to execute behaviors necessary to produce specific performance attainments.

Having a strong self-efficacy means believing yourself to be capable of fulfilling an intention/following through with an endeavor in your actions. Actions are the means by which we play out the experience that we first conceive of mentally in our desires. Without taking the action that aligns with a desired experience, the experience of course isn’t had. 

What’s important here is recognizing the underlying cause/mechanisms that leads into the manifestation of what one experiences in their reality. Without addressing one’s underlying state of belief, it becomes impossible to “act your way” to a reality that you don’t believe is possible. Working on cultivating a strong sense of self, self-worth, and capability lays the groundwork. Taking the appropriate actions that align with what it is you want in your life is also of integral importance, because in our actions we build on our sense of self. Your actions cast votes towards your self-concept.

The individual that consistently exercises and eats well, begins to think of themselves as a healthy person. The one who regularly makes time to read, builds on the self-concept of being a reader and perhaps an intelligent person. These are the types of individuals who will have the types of experience that they believe a healthy/intelligent person has a predisposition for.

But at the same time, if an individual has what others may think of as strong exercise and nutritional habits, but they themselves don’t think of themselves as being a healthy person, it becomes very likely that this person will create for themselves an experience that suggests “poor health”. We’ve all seen those types of people who seem to be able to eat anything they want, yet still maintain what seems to be a healthy body image. Then there’s others that no matter what they seem to do, aren’t able to take control of their weight. While one may want to write this off as being a difference in physical factors such as metabolism (which isn’t necessarily untrue), a Conscious Creator recognizes that the underlying cause beneath these factors are influenced by the energy of thought. The placebo effect is well-documented evidence of this. The mirror mechanism is what’s at play here. 

The Catalyst

And thus, to leverage one’s power as a Conscious Creator, one must align thought, feelings, and actions with their highest intentions and experience of reality. Alignment is the catalyst. It begins with our self-concept, how we think about ourselves, and our state of belief/expectation, all of which can be molded and improved on with the right tools and practices. Inner work is the practice of consciously reprogramming what is taking place in our inner worlds and subconscious minds. New worlds and lives have been created through the cultivation of powerful and aligned subconscious programs. This the way of a Conscious Creator.

Reprogram & Realign (Complimentary 1:1 Alignment-Activation Sessions)

If you would like to be assisted through a process of inner transformation. reprogramming, and realignment, this is the type of work I am able to guide one through. In the 1:1 Alignment-Activation sessions that I offer, I can guide you through the inner work and subconscious reprogramming that will realign you with a sense of inner knowing and potential. My clients come out of these sessions with greater clarity around how they wish to proceed with the next steps in their journey, specifically as it pertains to discovering and serving their Higher Purpose.

>> Click here if you’d like to book an Alignment-Activation Session.

Note: I provide these sessions on a donation-basis, and no payment is necessary. 


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