There’s No Rush to “5D”

There’s No Rush to “5D”

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It’s okay that you have commitments where you are. It’s okay that sometimes there are times in which you feel like you “need” to get something done even though you may not be entirely enthused by the idea. 

It’s okay that sometimes you have things on your schedule and that you have to keep “time” . These are the ways of the 3D experience that you’ve opted for. This is the game you chose to play.

And it’s a beautiful one in that. Don’t forget this.

Your shift to a 5D reality isn’t something to rush. If you truly wanted that right NOW, that’s where you would be. But this is a journey.

And just as you in this experience tend to enjoy something more after it has been waited for, so is the same with the shift in experience you are about to undergo.

But this need not mean you rush to get to some perceived “finish line”. Stop, and smell the roses, so to speak. In fact, it isn’t even a race, it’s more of a road trip on which you’ve decided to take the scenic route.

Sure, there’s a destination in mind, sure you have your eyes set on something more pleasurable; a higher frequency, but that isn’t going anywhere. You’ll only make this exact trip once, so why not enjoy it as much as you can, while you can.

Continue on your path to that which you desire, but don’t forget to keep your head up and witness all the beauty that you pass on your way.

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