This Is Your Higher Purpose Here

All of the dysfunction and suffering taking place on our planet today is the result of belief in separation. This manifests as all of the fear-induced behaviour that isn’t in alignment with goodness, Oneness, and love.

You’ve come here to dissolve these illusion and usher in a new way of being. You are a Wayshower, here to lead us into a more harmonious, expansive, and prosperous experience. This is your Higher Purpose.

The Highest Truth

Oneness is the highest truth. At the highest plane of being, all is One. Everything is a projection of the one Source Consciousness and Energy. We are coming back into this knowing, we are expanding into the fullness of what we really are.
What we are as Beings of Light, unique individuated rays emanating from the same Source. A Source that acts as a guiding light, an intelligence that runs through all. If we allow this intelligence to move us, it will guide us in the highest of ways. It’s in surrendering to this guidance that we endure our greatest experience.

Joy, fulfillment, abundance, infinite potentiality; these are the characteristics that are imbued in this guiding force. This is what we are in our essence, and this is what we are capable of actualizing in our experience. If we allow ourselves to be moved by this force, if we continue along the path of self-discovery and expanding consciousness that we are all on (whether we are yet to realize it or not), as we continue to ascend, we too will rise into greater and fuller expressions of ourselves and experiences of reality.

The Journey That You’re On

Our greatest state of being and most expansive experience of reality are of the same path. Our state creates our experience, our world is a reflection of our consciousness. And such, the world is our greatest playground, school, and teacher; all in one. This is the mirror mechanism that is playing out in response to your essence as a Creator. Because, this is what you are, a Creator Being, and you have come here to create, experience, play, and discover. It’s both a journey of self-realization, in which you are discovering who you are, and self-actualization; in which you are creating who you wish to be.
Self-realization and self-actualization.. this is the ascending journey.  This is our ascending journey.

An Age of Transparency & The End of Power Over Others

We are stepping into an Age of Transparency – the suppression of truth is being dissolved. Only in the face of perceiving fear and separation could there be cause for secrecy. We are living in unprecedented times in which long-held hidden truths are beginning to shine through, and as they, the truth shall set us free.

Among the truths that are coming into awareness is that everything is connected and that we are Beings of immense potential. As each individual comes into communion with this inner knowing, which can only truly be discovered through introspection and the journey inside oneself, we will have more and more beings stepping into their sovereignty and divine birthright.  We are all free to create our own realities, and the power struggles taking place on our planet are being called to an end. This is the shift from a “power over others” collective experience to one of “power over within.”

This is the experience that the many Beings of Light who have come to this planet at this time, and have chosen to join team Earth and humanity, have come here to co-create. You are one of these Beings
We say again, this is your Higher Purpose, and we thank you for being here answering this call.

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