Tuning into Frequency with Kay LoveTruth | Awaken Ep. 19

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So, about a year and a half ago on December 4th, 2018, I had an epic conversation with a good friend, live on Facebook for the Awaken podcast. The live went amazing but I never ended up posting the replay to the podcast. It never stopped bothering me that the episode was just missing from the feed. Episode 19 was dubbed “The Lost Episode”..
Well today, on May 5th, 2020, that changes, because this conversation I had with the lovely, Khadijah Auckbaraullee, aka Kay LoveTruth, deserves to be heard by more people.
We move through quite a bit in this one. We started with talk about tuning into your knowing and stepping into your truth, but things really started to get powerful as we later began diving into into astrology, sacred geometry, and cymatics (an area that connects sound, shapes, and frequency). This brought us to the heart of our conversation; thinking in terms of frequency.
When we begin to understand the world in terms of frequency, and learn to “fine tune” ours, we open up to a new dimension of experience. For it is in shifting our frequency that we shift our reality.
Tune into this (once lost) episode of Awaken, and began tuning into frequency.


  • Clearing yourself of mental programming as to let for greater knowing to flow
  • Trusting in and diving fully into your truth
  • Astrology, sacred geometry, and cymatics and the power of thinking in terms of frequency
  • Fine-tuning your frequency to activate your potential to influence your reality

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