Unlimited Expansion vs 3D Matrix | The Arcturian Council [video]

Unlimited Expansion vs 3D Matrix | The Arcturian Council [video]

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? Transcript below

The Arcturian Council:
You are in an infinite situation of expanding possibilities… And yours is a realm full of expanding possibilities. And as you reach further and further with each cycle, you peel away more of the unneeded to reveal the new. And then you are expanding outward.

This is the difference between understanding and exploring the 3rd dimensional realm and higher dimensions. Within the 3rd dimension, you are repeating the same patterns… but staying composite, staying withdrawn, staying contracted. Whereas, in this expansion forward, the possibilities are limitless. But they are an expansion of your etheric field outward (within your perception your ability to perceive it, your psychological construct).

So the expansion is happening within your psychological construct. And in other words, you are then able to define it, to understand it, to operate within it and without. You are becoming a realm of infinite possibilities within yourself.

This is of course an interaction that also takes place in the 3rd dimensional realm, but because of the limited perception… because of the limited extension of reality that is available to you… the expansion is different. It is limited in progress.

Now you are experiencing the ability to move beyond this. You will continue to do this, the more that you intentionally perceive the construct within this reality as being that which is your true nature (that of intelligent “Being”) rather than the nature of the failing false construct.

Many of you already operate within your own reality knowing that what you find is what is expected. You must refine your expectations. Develop them into knowing and Being. That which you desire to bring forth is manifesting itself and probable. We are with you. We are the Arcturian Council.

End transmission.

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