Upgrade your Mental Programming

Upgrade your Mental Programming

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Your state of being is the sum of the programs you currently run. Uninstall the outdated software, it’s time for an upgrade.
This begins with deciding what you wish to let go of. Without coming into the wanting and intention to move beyond current paradigms, they will continue to run the show.
This is why self-awareness and introspection is so important. In the intention of rising to greater awareness of the experience you are mentally constructing, you will become better able at recognizing what programs no longer serve you.
And as you come into awareness of what programs don’t serve you, you may then decide to let them go. It is a constant journey of observing and shedding lower frequency thought patterns.
See, you don’t need to fight to raise your frequency and consciousness. This is not a ladder you climb. Rather, it will serve you to think of this as a shedding process.
In summary; practice being aware of your programs (and remember its all programs), identify what no longer serves you (if it doesn’t make you feel good, it doesn’t serve you), and then set the intention to let go of these programs to make room for the new.

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