Lightworkers, Here Are 5 Things You Should Know About Money (Upgrade Your Money Beliefs)

Lightworkers, Here Are 5 Things You Should Know About Money (Upgrade Your Money Beliefs)

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You know that you are here to serve something bigger than yourself. You long to live out your highest purpose. You have a generous heart that wants to give.

But there’s been something that has felt like it’s been holding you back hasn’t there? Something that has at times seemed like it’s at odds with your ‘spiritual growth’ and desire to serve.

It’s money.

There are shame and scarcity based programs still running in the collective consciousness of humanity. This has made money a topic of inner conflict for many lightworkers.

On one hand is the desire to experience abundance in all of it’s forms, including financially. But on the other are stories like:

“Money is the root of all evil..”

“It’s selfish/greedy to want more money..”

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, you know?”

In my  1:1 sessions and group experiences, I’ve had the opportunity to work with 100+ lightworkers and one of the most common challenges I see coming up for those looking to align with their highest purpose and be of service, is their financial situation. 

This shows up in couple of different ways:

  1. Not being able to focus on doing the work that lights their Soul up (i.e. their purpose) because they are still working their ‘3D job’ to ‘pay the bills’
  2. Not feeling comfortable with asking for and receiving an appropriate payment in exchange for their service; which plays into #1 and ultimately prevents them from having the kind of impact they could be having

I want you to consider something for a moment:

If you aren’t actualizing your abundance you are holding yourself back from serving your highest purpose.

I know this because of the work I’ve done with one of my favourite clients. This is him:


(If you’re new to my content, that’s me in the photo above FYI!)

That’s right, I’m only able to speak to you about inner conflicts regarding money because I myself have experienced them.

I’ve been torn between..

.. wanting to serve my Heart out, and desiring things for myself..

.. wanting to give without expecting anything in return, and wanting to provide for my family..

.. feeling guilty, awkward, down-right uncomfortable asking for money, and wanting to be paid for the work that I do.

My journey of healing my relationship with money and opening up to greater abundance is an on-going one, but in the especially past few years it has has come a long way. 

Today I comfortably ask for a financial exchange for my services because I know I am worthy of it. I get paid to do work that I love to do by clients who are happy to do so. 

Today I am actualizing abundance on the path of my highest purpose.

Years of healing, deep reflection, and learning from my past experiences, has led me to some upgraded beliefs about money that has supported me in doing so, and I believe that if you were to adopt, would serve you to.  

6 Upgraded Beliefs About Money 

Your beliefs are shaping your reality. If you desire abundance but have a set of beliefs that don’t align with this, these will serve to block your experience of it.

As you read through each of these beliefs about money, ask yourself where are you feeling any resistance to them. This could either be telling you that something is out of alignment with your Truth, or this resistance might be calling you into transformation.

Are you ready to upgrade your money beliefs? Here are 5 that you might want to consider:   

1) “Money is GOOD”

For some, the pursuit of materialistic wealth has been driven by  the perception of scarcity, competition, and separation. This has at times come at the cost of others – which has fed into the narrative that money and the desire is a ‘bad’ thing. But ask yourself, is this where YOU are coming from?

We are ascending and these false programs are being shed from our collective consciousness. Why should it concern you how others have approached their desire for wealth? You’re here to set a different example.

Here’s the thing, money isn’t actually good or bad – it’s a neutral energetic resource that has the potential to invoke change. It’s what’s done with it that matters.

I’m willing to bet that if I were to give anyone reading this $3,000,000, that all of you would do some pretty ‘good’ things with it.

Believe money is good, because you are good, and will be doing some pretty great things with it in your hands.

“If you think money doesn’t buy happiness, you haven’t given enough of it away yet.

2) “Your Desires Are Divine”


“Desire is possibility seeking expression.”
– Ralph Waldo Emmerson

All of Life is an on-going state of expansion seeking fuller expression.

Desire is Life seeking to be expressed through you.

There’s a saying that commonly gets shared in spiritual circles that seems to suggest otherwise. “Desire is the root of all suffering” is a quote that often gets attributed to Gautama Buddha. Except, what most people don’t know is that Buddha didn’t actually say this, what he actually said was“tanha jālam nissāya.”

Many scholars explain that a more accurate translation for ‘tanha’ – the word that gets translated into ‘desire’ – is ‘craving’ or ‘thirst,’ This suggest that the Buddha wasn’t actually saying desire causes suffering, but rather that it’s our attachments to them.

Buddha also acknowledged that some desires such as the desire for enlightenment, are both natural and necessary.

You are an Infinite Being on a journey of remembering  What you experience as desire – including the desire for abundance – is the natural desire to experience yourself

Your desires are Divine and they are calling you forward into fullness of who you are.   

3) “You are worthy of the abundance you desire”

This is quite possibly the belief on this list that the most amount of people have the hardest time with.

Feelings of unworthiness and shame can usually be traced back to a moments in one’s childhood, in which a parent/caregiver either directly or indirectly told you that you couldn’t have or didn’t deserve what you wanted. Which in most cases was really just love.

We may have asked for something and got scolded for it. Perhaps we were told that, “money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Or it may have been at a time a of need, in which what needed was love, but received rejection or abandonment instead

These types of experience can lead to the unconscious forming of all-to-common limiting beliefs like, “I am not worthy,” “I am not enough,” or “if I ask for something, I won’t be loved.”

For me, things really shifted when I realized that when I was telling myself that asking for money was me being selfish, this was really just my way of covering up feelings of unworthiness. Through meditation, I was able to see that at a very a young age, in response to being turned down by my parents after asking for them to buy me a chocolate bar or toy, I formed the belief that if I asked for something 1) I wouldn’t receive it, and 2) I wouldn’t be loved.

Avoiding asking was my way of protecting myself from feeling unworthy, because I believed I was.

By first coming to this awareness I was able to do the inner work of shifting this limiting belief. When I let go of this belief that made me feel like it was wrong of me to desire or ask for what I wanted, I opened up to greater abundance.

Believing you are unworthy of abundance will block it from your experience. But by getting into depths of these traumas and emotions and truly healing them, you become aligned with a higher perspective. You begin to remember the truth that you were made worthy of the abundance you desire.

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind & Upgrade Your Money Beliefs Once and For All

You've taken then first step in opening up to these upgraded money beliefs, but in order to create a significant and lasting shift in yourself and reality, you must penetrate and reprogram the beliefs you hold at the subconscious level. This is why we have a whole module dedicated to reprogramming your subconscious mind, in the Activation Process, our go-at-your-own-pace course that will help you activate your higher purpose.

4) “There is Infinite Abundance”


In a world where there is scarcity, receiving can seem like taking; taking from what others could have and benefit from. This can lead to the conscious or unconscious choice to self-sacrifice and live scarcely, reasoning that then there will be more in the limited resource pool for others to have.

In our reality, this is flawed thinking, because scarcity is an illusionWe receive from in an inexhaustible Source of energy that overflows with the abundance it provides.

There is Infinite Abundance available to you, your job is to claim it and bring yourself to place where you are open and ready to receive it.

“By thought the thing you want is brought to you, by action you receive it“ – Wallace D. Wattle

You do not need to worry about taking something that another can benefit from, because you aren’t taking from them. You are actualizing from an Infinitely providing Source.

Now, I’m not saying the money that you have claimed is going to just show up in your bank account. It’s probably more likely that the abundance that you have claimed will come to you in the hands of another person willing to give you it. Here’s the key point: this person will be more than happy to give you what is yours if, if you give them what is theirs.

This has been one of the most important realizations I’ve come tohad that has helped me resolve my discomforts around asking for money: you are to give to others something that they desire, that is of greater value to them than what you are asking for from then in monetary form.

When you are able to genuinely do so, you may authentically ask to be paid, because the energy exchange is in alignment, and everyone involved will be coming out of it with more.

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5) “Giving and receiving are intertwined”

There was a time when I thought that the right thing to do was to give generously and freely without ever asking for anything in return. I would offer my service for free whilst being ‘open to donations’.
While this was great for a time, every time I’ve done something like this has turned out the same: I ended up energetically depleted. I burn out. 
When I came to see how I was holding myself back in my service by getting in the way of my abundance, did the inner work of healing and reclaiming my sense of self-worth, and began to ask for what felt like an aligned amount in exchange for my service, something shifted..
I began feeling more energized, excited about, and nourished by the work I was doing. I started showing up with greater energy and serving on a higher level. I attracted more clients.
The more that you allow yourself to receive the more you have to give.
There is an energy exchange that takes place between you and everyone that you interact with. When you align with the optimal flow of energy in these exchanges – in both the giving and receiving – expansion occurs and everybody comes out of it with more.

Allowing yourself to receive in aligned amounts, ensures that you continue to be energetically nourished on your path of service. This also provides you with resources to fuel the larger impact in the world that you’re here to have

I personally still love to give generously and freely. This is exactly why I still do things like create a great deal of free content for this site, and on my podcast and YouTube channel. I also occasionally offer complimentary 1:1 sessions that anyone can apply for anytime.

This way, I am still able support those that might not be aligned or ready to invest in one of my paid-for programs, while also being financially supported by the work I do with those that are.

Now is a good time to mention that one of those paid-programs that I am excited to announce is our Lightworker Group Mentorship Experience through which we can work together to help you awaken higher levels of purpose and prosperity. Fill in this form if you’d like to learn more and find out how we can help you.

6) “Actualizing my abundance is the greatest thing I can do for myself and everybody else”


Let me ask you this, do you want your loved ones to live joyous abundant lives? Would you help other members of our collective do so if you could?

When we think about others it’s easy for us to want beautiful things for them. When think about wanting things for ourselves there can sometimes be shame felt around this. 

But what if the best thing you could for everybody was to allow and actualize your own abundance?

By actualizing your abundance you do a few things:

  1. You become a channel for this abundance to enter your own life and the lives of others – think about being able to hiring someone to join you on your mission, and being able to pay them well for it.
  2. You become a source of inspiration by demonstrating to others what they too are capable of

The best way to lead is by example. Tapping into the Infinite reservoir of abundance is literally the best thing you can do to help others do the same. They will see your example and be inspired by it. You will show them what’s possible and help them expand their own sense of belief. 

There’s no better way to help someone or serve our collective than this.

Actualizing your abundance the best thing you can do for yourself and everybody else. 

What Would Life Be Like If You Actualized Your Abundance & Became Prosperous In Your Purpose?

The desire to experience abundance isn’t something to be shamed or transcended, it’s something to be embraced.

If this message speaks to you, The Ascend Academy is launching a group mentorship experience for lightworkers that that believe purpose and prosperity are not things to be separated – that income and impact go hand-in-hand.

If you resonate with this perspective, fill in the form below to request more info about the program. What we are creating will help you align with your highest purpose and becoming prosperous on its path.

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