Using the Body for Expanding Consciousness with Lori Ivey | Awaken Ep. 28

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“The body is our vehicles for expanding consciousness.” A little while back I came across this nugget of wisdom and it forever shifted how I thought about the body. In this episode of Awaken, I speak to someone who understands just how deep this statement goes

Lori Ivey, is back for another chat, (she also joined me in episode 20), and this time she’s bringing us into the body. In our conservation, Lori shares some great insight into how connecting to the consciousness of the body can bring about healing, activation, and expansion. Reprogramming the physiology of the body, the tie-in of sexuality and spirituality, activating kundalini energy, and learning to “follow the feels”, are some of the things we get into here.

Then towards the end, we go from body to multidimensionality as we get into exploring Lori’s experiences with connecting to her avatar and channeling from the higher realms. This flows in to us talking about how you can activate this type of potential as well

Follow your feels into this episode of Awaken.


  • the physiological response of emotions in our body, and how we can program ourselves to feel good all the time!
  • how the body is a vehicle for expanding consciousness
  • healing and connecting to the consciousness of the body through sexuality
  • activating kundalini energy
  • “following the feels”; tuning into the solar plexus chakra and intelligence of the body
  • “a pen is God’s attenena’; using “mind-dumping” and journaling as a practice for clearing and channeling –
  • Lori’s multdimensional experiences with her avatar and ability to facilitate energetic healing
  • Connecting to and channeling the higher realms


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