What is a Starseed? (& Why Are We Here?) with Matthew John | AWB #85

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Matthew John is an internationally-recognized Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Intuitive Astrologer, Starseed Guide, Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive & Life Coach. As a gifted intuitive, wisdom channeler, and transmitter of healing frequencies, Matthew John specializes in helping others to heal their childhood and past-life traumas, reading people’s life plans from a Soul perspective, and in serving as a mentor for Starseeds and those looking to accelerate their spiritual development.


Matthew is also someone who has become intimately familiar with who we are before coming to Earth, and guides others in remembering the mission that they came here on. 


In this episode, Matthew takes us on a journey of exploring the path of evolution that our Soul is on across many life-times, and how understanding this can greatly accelerate our process in this one. You’ll hear an explanation of karma that will likely be a new way of understanding what it really is, and how our Souls go about alchemizing and learning from it. And lastly, if you’ve ever come across the word Starseed and have wondered if you are one, or perhaps you’ve connected to an inner knowing or reason to believe that you are and have been looking to better understand what this really means, in this episode you’ll find out what it means to be both a Starseed (and an Earthseed), and why our Souls chose to come here to Earth.

If you’re like most, and have been at all asking the big questions, “who am I and why am I here?” It’s likely that Matthew John has some answers for you in this episode of Awaken


  • The path of evolution that our Soul is on
  • Understanding the impact that past-lives have on us
  • What karma is, and how to resolve, alchemize, and learn from it
  • What it means to be a Starseed (and Earthseed) and why we come to Earth
  • The Collective Ascension process that we are in the midst of


Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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