What is the Root Chakra

What is the Root Chakra

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The chakras are portals or structures which help to channel and integrate subtle energy into the physical body.The root chakra is the first in our energetic foundation for alignment. It is the first one I would recommend attuning before moving on to the rest of the main 7 chakras in our bodies. It is located in the general area of your perineum. It has a connection to the bones of our bodies: nails, teeth, etc. As well as the gonads, prostate, anus, colon and adrenal glands. Now, the adrenal glands are important because it’s the primary organ in humans will for survival; production and releasing of cortisol which stimulates our fight or flight response. It is basic trust. 

An Unbalanced & Balanced Root Chakra

When the root chakra is blocked or limited, the physical and mental consciousness will exhibit various manifestations. For instance, the root chakra can be blocked by fear, sluggishness, eating disorders. Some psychological manifestations of a blocked root chakra may be nightmares, emotionally disconnected, rage/anger, disconnected from the body, worrying or overthinking. 

But when the root is balanced, you feel safe. You are full of self confidence and you are centered. You feel grounded in your body and surroundings. Your physical needs are met, you are stable and calm.

How to Feel Into your Root Chakra

How do we get from unstable root chakra to aligned root chakra? 

Attention. Tuning in. Whenever you feel unsafe, anxious, scared, try checking in with your root chakra and see if it needs some loving attention. Meditating or breathing into the root will help you feel more calm and safe.

Try This!

We get there through the practice of meditation and listening to our body.

  1. Take 3-5 deep, slow breaths while focusing your attention on your perineum region. It may feel warm. It may feel tight. It may feel shaky. It may feel silly and uncomfortable. You may even think you’re feeling nothing, but keep focusing and just entertain the sensations and sit there with it longer. 

Now, can you make the discomforts more comfortable

  1. Visualize a red (the correlating color of the root chakra) orb, or ball, or light if you will in this region. Is it looking dull or small? Try making it more vibrant in color and larger. You see, there are many ways in which we can feel into our chakras, and visualization is a very powerful way.

This is about tuning into the body and recognizing your healing abilities just through focus, intention and attention. Do whatever works for you.

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