What is The Solar Plexus Chakra

What is The Solar Plexus Chakra

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The chakras are portals or structures which help to channel and integrate subtle energy into the physical body. The solar plexus is the third chakra, located above your belly button but below your chest. On the physical level it governs the digestive organs, immune system, upper spine. 

On the emotional, it relates to gut instinct, personal power, and optimism. It has control over the solar plexus ganglia which plays an important part in our relationship to the world and to people, places, and things; our ability to connect and belong and make long term intimate associations. It is considered to be the center of personal identity, confidence, and ambition, and is associated with personal power, self-control, mental clarity and decision-making

An Unbalanced Vs. A Balanced Solar Plexus

When your solar plexus is blocked or overactive, it is very common to feel powerless, guilty, angry and/or greedy. The solar plexus strongly influences our self-esteem development. You definitely do not want  issues here because if we lack confidence in self, we become closed off and ‘introverted’. When you doubt yourself and who you are, you tend to doubt all the decisions, opportunities and even relationships in your life.

Now a balanced and aligned solar plexus is so key! What this looks like is knowing and owning your power. Being completely responsible for your actions and being so empowered you want nothing more than to create what your higher self wants to express – and that can be anything you set out to do!

How to Feel Into Your Solar Plexus Chakra

How do we proceed to changing our solar plexus from unbalanced, to a balanced one? Tuning in. Your attention. Your love. Through breathing. Whenever you feel a sense of guilt, or powerless, or incapable that is your solar plexus letting you know it’s not aligned. Whenever your upper abdomen feels tight, or as if you have a knot there, that is again your solar plexus asking you to check in and eliminate these feelings/thoughts.

Try This!

  1. Breathing/meditation:

In a comfortable position and safe place, tune into your breathing. Take 5 deep breaths as you focus on your upper abdomen – the location of your solar plexus chakra. With your breath, as you inhale fill your stomach with love. On your exhales, release the tensions/tightness you feel in this region. Keep doing so, at your own pace, with your own time and space until this tightness/knot/lump subsides. Allow the love to fill you up so much that you feel lighter and more at ease. And that is all you need to ask of your physical and energetic body for now.

  1. Visualization/Imagination:

Close your eyes and visualize a yellow orb emitting yellow light from your solar plexus. Does it feel warm here? Does it feel sticky here? Is the yellow orb tiny or oversized? With your visualization, can you make this yellow light bright and not dull. Can you make this yellow orb the ‘perfect’ size instead of tiny/too large. Be here. Continue to visualize this orb and be in awe of it – this is the power of attention with love. Practice this as long as you want. Remember to solely focus on this orb. As you do, you are cleansing, healing and balancing this chakra.

Do you realize how capable and magnificent you are? The power has always been with you. You just forgot. You can tune in whenever you feel discomforts and release them. This is but a vessel for you to play, create and love. It is time to recognize your own abilities.

If you believe you are one of the Souls that have come here to assist in Collective Ascension, we are looking for you..

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