What is Time Really? (And Why We Need To Evolve Our Understanding of It) with Andra Visan | AWB #81

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Andra Visan is an expert of the Dreamspell Calendar (which is inspired by the Mayan Calendar) and teaches us how we can use this calendar to come back into harmony with Nature, and with ourselves.  I’ve had her on the show before for Ep #57: How to Use the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar As a Spiritual Development Tool, in which we opened up a conversation that we dive deeper into in this one. This time she’s back to help us evolve our understanding of what time really is, and in doing so, evolve our consciousness.


“Time is an illusion.” You may have heard this being proposed before, perhaps you’ve even felt some resonance with the statement. But what is time really? Have you ever questioned that our society’s dominating concept of time could be severely limiting us? And can it be possible that something so widely accepted and used like the Gregorian Calendar, the calendar that the vast majority of the world uses today, is keeping us in lower states of consciousness and disharmony?

In This Episode ANDRA & I Explore:

  • What time really is, and how our society’s concept of linear time is severely limiting us

  • Why the use of the Gregorian Calendar (the primary calendar being used in the world) is keeping us out of harmony with Nature and with ourselves

  • Finding the balance between doing and being, and tuning what our body and Souls are asking for

  • The Dreamspell Calendar and the shift in consciousness that takes place when we begin using a calendar that is attuned to the cycles of Nature

  • How to transition to using the Dreamspell Calendar in our modern world

  • What the Noosphere is; activating humanity’s next stage of evolution and telepathic communication


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