Wholeness And The Idea Of Separation | The Arcturian, Pleiadian And Orion Councils

Wholeness And The Idea Of Separation | The Arcturian, Pleiadian And Orion Councils

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? See transcript below.

The Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Orions:

What we want to say to you today is, Yes you are each part of the other. You must however recognize, in terms of your experiencing, there is individuation which occurs as you separate from the whole. And this is also real. This is real in terms of your intention… your intention for coming here, your intention to experience.

Of course there’s always a choice. You can intend to have experienced that separation, and now only experience the whole. This is difficult in terms of your remaining grounded upon the earth (that you even are creating, moving away from the old systems). There is still a potentiality within you that wishes to express itself in individuation, individuality, a measure of separation in terms of the ability to experience each other… the ability to interact [with] and learn from each other.

You are indeed a spark of your Divine Whole, THE Divine Whole, all that is, Source (you may call it). And within that experiencing, you integrate the expansiveness of this Whole. The expansiveness within you comes from and resides within in this Whole. But to enjoy each other, to experience the love (and the exacting opposite, or what you perceive to be the opposite of this love), this is part of the expansion. And therefore must be imbued, or rather must be perceived in terms of separation, or as a result of the separation. For you to make love with one another and to create with one another from this love… whether it results in more sparks of the Divine expressing itself through physical form… another physical body… another human, another being… or whether it be more sparks of the Divine in terms of art or education, crop growth, technology. All of these things are a result of your interaction with each other. And therefore, to have this interaction with each other and even with the different components of yourself, there must be an individual experience in the first place.

This is a common complex issue to be entertained and often grappled with when first realizing the Source of all things, and that you are indeed part of this vast Source of all things and not separate from it… and not answering to it… but rather residing within it and experiencing for it and you and all. This is often a complex subject in terms of this.

We are happy you are calling this information forth now in lieu of and in terms of your graduation of sorts to the next step in development (which there are many, and all at once, happening before now and will keep happening). All of this, happening in this now moment for you, calls this forth for you to remember your intention coming here. Your intention of reinstating this Divine application of powerful creation within you… and the relationship that is required with one another to experience this.

We love you, we love you, we love you! We are the Galactic Council (the Arcturian Council, the Pleiadians, the Orions). We wish to impart this upon you. End transmission.

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Blessings my friends?

Yolanda Marie

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