You’re Lost Because You Haven’t Let Go

You’re Lost Because You Haven’t Let Go

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We fight with ourselves, and we resist. We don’t feel comfortable being who we really are, because we are doubtful and insecure. We aren’t honest with ourselves about what we truly want, because we don’t believe we could have it. What would be worse; the pain of wanting something that we don’t think we will ever have or admitting to ourselves that something is missing?

Yes, you can find fulfillment in the Now, yes you can and should be happy with, and grateful for, all that you currently have. But a piece of you will always feel like something is missing if you aren’t honest about your desires – your desires with regards to what you want in your life, and who you would naturally be if you just stopped caring about what other people thought.

This piece of you will never stop pulling on your thoughts and emotions trying to get you to let go. And when there’s a piece of you fighting with other pieces of you.. well this means internal conflict. This is at the root of your struggle to figure out who you are and/or want to be.

If only we could align every aspect of our Being with one congruent center. If only..

Catch where this is going? Of course, we can do this!

Allow me to you paint you a picture..

You look ahead, and the path is clear as day. Meaning, you know where you’re headed.

You aren’t lost or living in fear of what may come up. Sure, obstacles may present themself, but why should that be reason to be concerned – right now, the path is clear. You can see where this all leads, and you are excited. You’re excited because every part of you wants to be where this path goes, and you know that it’s just a matter of time til you get there.

All you must do, is keep moving forward.

You’re lost

But if you’re like most people, this isn’t at all the reality that you’re living in. Because when you look up, the path is everything but clear – it’s clouded with fog. In this fog you wander, unsure of where you’re going, worried about where you may end up. Sometimes you look down, and you’re not sure if you’re even still on a path.

So you keep wandering. Hoping that you stumble upon something that you enjoy. But with this approach, you could never know that you ever will. Keep searching like this, and you may never find the needle in the haystack.

Rather than continuing to wander in the fog, I want you to come to this very important realization: you are creating the fog. Understand, what I mean by this, and you can learn to stop doing so, so that the haziness can settle.

The fog is a production of your resistance to your truth. Holding on to things that isn’t you. Your fears around being yourself. Not letting go.

Let go

This past weekend I spent some time doing something I love, with people that I love. And I chose to let go. Let go of the stressful thoughts, the doubts/concerns, to everything and anything that made me feel less than great. I reflected and saw all the patterns that kept me from connecting to my truth. I saw that these were patterns that I was choosing. I saw this, and made a decision.

I’ve decided to never again forget who I am, and what I am capable of. I have been far too tolerant of weak-minded thinking. I refuse to ever let myself choose anything below the truth that I am a powerful creator, that can and will create everything I desire. I know this, because I have let go of all that makes me feel otherwise.

Every time I consciously drop any stress, doubt, fear, or insecurity, every time I let go of that which isn’t me, I feel lighter.. more powerful. It’s the shedding of limitation.

It has become so clear to me that this process is at the center of creating success and finding fulfillment. Because, every time I let go even further, what follows, always feels like magic. Great things start to happen. People seem to just become more drawn to me, I start receiving more messages from people looking to either connect or receive my guidance, this often leads into new relationships and coaching clients. I also feel myself become betterable at expressing my ideas, which translates into things like better content.

My confidence and energy is felt on the other end of my interactions, and this supports me in both of my main objectives: impact lives and grow my business.

But most importantly, when I let go, the connection and enjoyment I feel for the journey, always improves too.

Total clarity around who you are and what you want. Complete certainty with where you’re headed. Unbreakable confidence that you WILL have what you wish for. You can have this too.

Who would you be if you let go?

Feel free to book an alignment session with me, if you want to work on finding out together.

If you believe you are one of the Souls that have come here to assist in Collective Ascension, we are looking for you..

The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakening Leaders

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